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Like an oasis in the Sahara, The Grocery beckoned with its ice cold beer and classic Po'Boys.

"Bet you don’t change your menu very often,” we joked.

"No, we're pretty committed," Aaron, the manager of the newly re-opened Grocery on St. Charles Avenue, replied with a chuckle glancing up at the menu painted in giant block letters on the wall.

We are at The Grocery, a classic Po'Boy deli in the Garden District of New Orleans. Its 100 degrees outside and we are HOT. All we want is a cold drink and some air conditioning for lunch. Stumbling upon The Grocery was as welcome as in oasis in the Sahara. Besides the list of mouth-watering Po' Boy sandwiches (like hot roast beef with gravy and chicken salad or the BLT) there is Gumbo, salads, muffaletta, triple decker clubs or grilled cheese.

And let's not forget the Triple Chocolate Brownies for the sweet tooth.

Originally a pharmacy, the restaurant has been operating as a Po'Boy joint for 30 years but has recently re-opened under new owners and management. Purchasing it at the beginning of the year, the new tram had their work cut out for them to open in time for Mardi Gras in February. "we were right down to the wire," Aaaron told me. "In fact we literally got our permits and opened on the first day of the parade."

With its towering new floor-to-ceiling window, the light spills in. It is open and clean, inviting and casual. A sign invites you to select your drink and chips and come to the counter to place your order. Cold soft drinks, juice, water, and now, beer and wine, too.

The Po’Boys are fresh, tasty and mouth-watering. The service is friendly and sincere.

Check it out.

Located at 2854 St. Charles Avenue, New Orleans. Open 10:00 to 4:00 daily.

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